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Our Head Coach Andy provides a quality restringing service to members of West Heaton Tennis club and the wider community.

With over 40 years restringing experience, and as a qualified UKRSA restringer, Andy provides a tailored service to each client, matching the type of string to individual requirements. Whether you are looking for power, control, durability of string, or you need a string that will ease elbow and shoulder problems, Andy can provide a solution.

From as little as £20 for a full restring, each racquet is cleaned, finished with a stencilled logo with complimentary overgrip, and is usually completed within a 24 to 48 hour period. 

Contact Andy direct to arrange a restring.

Price list

Standard full restring £20

Blended string £22

Polyester string (for the vertical mains) and Synthetic gut (for the cross horizontal strings).

Specific strings available on request. Times and costs will vary. A free overgrip is provided with every restring.

Full regrip £4

Additional over grips £2 each

Dampners £1

Why and when to restring

It is important to ensure your rackets are strung on a regular basis. Up to 50% of the performance of a racket is lost over the period of 6 months. Strings are important to any player, no matter what their standard. String tension and type can have an effect on elbow and shoulder injuries, thus a racket losing its elasticity can be harmful.

Over time a string will naturally lose its tension until it becomes loose, and when a string is moved it doesn't move back into position. This has a serious effect upon performance. The string provides 50% of a rackets performance and the tension has an effect on how a person wishes to play.


Low tension (50 - 55lb) generates power (think of a trampoline) where as high tension (56 - 60lb) generates control. Losing tension over time will have a serious effect on a players overall performance. Players may feel the racket is ‘dead’ and unresponsive, and continuing to play can cause pain in the arm.

How often do I need to change my strings?

Whilst this depends on the type of player you are (a hard hitter playing with heavy spin will wear out their strings quicker than a light hitter playing with little spin), it is recommended you change your strings twice a year unless they break sooner. A basic rule of thumb is ensure your racket is restrung every year the number of times you play in a week (twice being the minimum). The ideal time to get rackets restrung is prior to the season starting.

What type of string should I go for?

There are a variety of different strings and gauges that are available. Most amateur players use nylon or Synthetic gut strings, and either opt for a thicker gauge (to provide greater durability) or a thinner gauge (provides better feel and control but can break quicker).

However, harder hitters, or those that hit with a lot of spin can break Nylon or Synthetic strings quickly, so may choose to opt for a Polyester type string which provides greater durability but loses power and feel. If you consistently hit the ball hard, these type of strings may save you money as you break less strings.

For those looking for a combination of the 2, there is also the option of going for a Hybrid string, where the Main string (Vertical) is a Polyester string, and the (Horizontal) is a Synthetic or Nylon string. This can then provide durability with feel and control. Some strings provide more power, where others provide more spin by ‘gripping the ball’ more on impact. And will be happy to recommend which particular string and gauge would be best for you.


What tension should I ask for?

Most rackets have a recommended tension written somewhere on the throat of the racquet (usually between 55 and 60lb), but depending on what you need to achieve (power or control) you can choose the lower end or the higher end of this scale.


Andy uses a stringing machine that is calibrated and strings a racquet to within 0.1 of a lb to your specifications, but you may choose to leave the decision regarding tension to him. Andy will string your rackets according to his knowledge of you and your racket.

How quickly can I get my racket restrung?

Whilst many will not be in a rush to have their racquet restrung, there will be some who need a restring urgently. Andy can usually guarantee a 24 hour turnaround if required.


Can I bring it back if the strings break in the first couple of weeks?

If the string is correct for the player (ie - a hard hitting player hasn't requested a Nylon string) then Andy will provide a fresh restring at no cost if a break occurred. There is the rare occasion where a fault lies within the string itself.

How much should I be looking to spend?

Andy's prices for such a quality service are very competitive, and he's local. Many retailers who provide restringing services charge between £20 and £25 for similar strings.

Injury issues and how strings can help

Arm or shoulder injuries can be caused by a number of reasons (grip too big/small, racket too heavy/light, poor technique etc). But loss of string tension caused by not having your racquet regularly restrung causes the racquet to vibrate as the tension decreases, and can further exacerbate the issues. Also, poor string choice can also further deteriorate the condition, so its vital that you seek my advise before choosing a specific type of string. For those with injuries I always recommend a synthetic gut type string as its not as ‘hard’ and unforgiving as a Polyester.

Experience and Qualification

Andy has over 30 years restringing experience, a knowledge of all types of stringing patterns, and a UKRSA professional stringing qualification. 

Note: Andy will also add a makers stencil and a new over-grip  free of charge.  A slippy grip can really effect performance levels.

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