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Our subscription year is from 1st May to 30th April.        

Our preferred method of payment is by a monthly direct debit, but annual subscriptions are also available. 

Both payment methods are continuous until otherwise instructed. Cancellations can only be made on the 1st May each year when the subscription year begins. If you leave mid-year you remain liable for any outstanding subscriptions which must be paid if you wish to re-join.

Guests may attend the club on only three occasions in any one year, after which it is expected that the visitor will apply to become a Member. You can apply here but if you need more information please contact our New Members Secretary.

Membership Fees
Prices & information
Membership Type
Bar Discount
Reduced Coaching Rates
Access to all social events
Full/Rackets (age 30+years)
Full/Rackets (age 18-29 years)
Squash (age 30+ years)
Squash (age 18-29 years)
Bowls (age 30+ years)
Bowls (age 18-29 years)
Intermediate (age 13-17 years)
Junior (age 8-12 years)
Child (up to 7 years)


  • *These membership categories include VAT at 20%. Other categories are for sports activities and are therefore VAT exempt.

  •  Adult racket members receive a ten per cent discount if there is more than one sports member ( adult or junior ) in the same household.

  • Membership year is from 1st May to 30th April. Membership fee is pro rata according to which month you join.

  • Ages are based on the member’s age on 1st May.

  • Intermediate, Junior and Child memberships have reduced court booking rights to adults.

Other fees and information

Yearly membership is payable in monthly instalments, by Direct Debit, running from May 1st until April 30th. However, members may pay for the full year upfront. Payments are pro rata for those joining mid-year.

Squash / Bowls and Social members may play tennis up to three times a year as a guest of a Rackets member. Social members and visitors may play bowls up to three times a year.


Use of all sporting facilities at West Heaton is included in the price of Racket membership. Courts must be booked in advance. Details on how to book will be given after confirmation of membership payment. Courts are available for members to book unless already booked by a coach running a session, or for other official club sessions. Times when the courts are available to be booked can be found on the booking calendarInformation on current member allowances can be found here.

Access to the changing rooms and light boxes requires  a key card, available from the bar for £5, as a one-off payment.

Court lights require tokens which must be purchased from the bar (more info here).

Social tennis is free and a great way to mix in and meet other people to play with. It is supported by our Social Tennis WhatsApp group


There are lots of coaching opportunities and these are priced individually.


If you play for a tennis team there may be match fees paid per match, depending on the team, and most of our internal tournaments also require a small contribution.


Rackets/Squash members must book a squash court to play. Prices and information are available on the Squash Page. Squash members may also use the bowling facilities.


Use of the bowling green is free to members, though be aware of when matches are being played, check the bowling schedule for the best times.

Social bowling is free. Players in teams will be charged match fees per match, depending on the team. And Internal tournaments also have a small fee.

New Members Secretary 

Anne Porter

Anne will be happy to help with any questions you have about our membership and prices. 

Subscriptions Queries 

Andrew Taylor

If you're having any difficulties regarding your current subscription, or wish to talk about it, or amend it, please contact Andrew Taylor, our Subscription Treasurer.

Anne Porter
Subs queries
Apply for membership
Apply for membership

In person

You can obtain a membership form directly from the club, or download this form and  bring it in during bar opening hours (after 7.30pm midweek in the summer, after 8pm winter, and from 1.30pm on Sunday afternoons). Please present it in an envelope addressed to 'Anne Porter, New Members Secretary'.

By email
Download this form, fill it in, take a picture/scan it and email to our New Members’ Secretary Anne Porter.

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