Like all local clubs, West Heaton is run by volunteers, and there is always something we need to update, repair or want to improve.From baking cakes, to sponsored hikes, our members are always finding ways to raise money for things the club needs. Our most well known is the 100 Plus Club, a monthly draw with cash prizes.

To become a 100+ Club member you buy shares at £4 per month (you can buy multiple shares). There is a draw every month, and cash prizes are awarded ranging from £150 to £500, with individual prizes between £50 and £200.

The more people in the scheme, the more prizes there are. Proceeds are used for projects that will benefit all members like the bar lounge refurbishment and rain canopies.


Entry forms are available by clicking the attachment or from the bar. If you need further information please contact Dave Porter at


The defibrillator is located at the front of the Club in plain sight from the tennis courts and with easy access from the bowling green and squash courts. The pouch attached to the defibrillator contains scissors, shaving razor and mouthguard to help you remove clothing, shave chest hair and deliver CPR if necessary.


The video above has very clear information about how to use the equipment, giving you the best chance of helping a victim. 

Please noteThis video is American-made and refers to calling 911 for expert help. In the Uk this emergency number is 999. Otherwise, this instruction video is exactly as for our equipment.

Please be aware:

  • The defibrillator is easy to use in the event of sudden cardiac arrest

  • The machine gives clear spoken instructions to follow when it is switched on

  • The defibrillator is fully automatic

  • The machine will make the decision about giving the patient a shock or not

  • No harm will occur to the patient just by applying the pads

  • If the patient has not had a cardiac arrest the machine will do nothing and no harm will be done.

  • If you are unsure, it is better to apply the pads than do nothing

  • By using the defibrillator you will not make the patient’s situation worse and you may save their life