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Acton Plate and Divisional Winners 2021

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Barry Oswald collects West Heaton's trophies

Barry Oswald, the President of the North East Cheshire Lawn Tennis League and long-standing West Heaton member, collected West Heaton's horde of summer season trophies this week, on behalf of the Club.

Top left: The Woodhead Shield won by our women's first team who for taking the Division 3 title. Top right: The Acton Plate, a mixed team knockout trophy that came down to the final match of five that our women's doubles pair managed to secure in 3 sets. The smaller shields are for the Club to keep for winning those trophies plus one for our women's second team taking the Division Four title. Though not all won trophies, all our teams finished in the top 5 of their division after a very well fought season.

West Heaton's 2021 Acton Cup Team. Left to right: Helen Barker, Nick Wright, Helen Taylor, Cameron Paris, Chris Philpott, Adam Wolstanholme, Hannah McLean, Matthew Moores, Alison Sharman and Sofia Milone.

Not pictured: Ben Fowler, Harry Hallisey, Jonny Healy and Shahzad Ali.


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