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West Heaton has a vibrant, family friendly squash section which compliments the rest of the clubs sporting facilities and includes disabled access. We offer the opportunity to play squash at all ages and standards over two courts as a year-round sport.

Booking a squash court
Playing Squash at West Heaton

Our squash section is open to all standards and caters for team players, social members and juniors. In common with all sections of the Club, we provide a good range of opportunities to play Squash with Team Tournaments.

Social Squash

Wednesdays 5.00-8.00pm

Join our Social Squash WhatsApp for more information.

If you are interested in playing social squash, or wish to be added to the squash mailing list, or squash social WhatsApp group, please contact Eddie Tasker ( or 07546 486 098).


West Heaton has two squash courts; one with a glass back and one with a balcony. Both courts have a viewing area and independently operated heaters and lighting systems. Changing rooms and showers are also available. The squash section operates a year round booking system for both courts – more details available on joining.

Booking a court

Please note: All courts must be booked before playing

Booking Sheets and notice boards are on the balcony above Court 1

There are two options for rackets members wishing to play squash:

1. Unlimited Squash

This option costs £40 per year (1st September - 31st August) on top of your club membership. You will receive the relevant colour stamps for the current year with “Unlimited Squash” clearly marked on them. You can use these to book both Court 1 and Court 2.


2. Pay as you go

This option costs £5 for 4 (pink) stamps. With this option you may only book Court 1. This is the hardback court and the lighting is on a switch located on the wall just outside the court.

Stamps for both options can be purchased from the bar during normal opening times.

  • To play squash adult members must fix a stamp to the appropriate slot on the booking sheet. ‘Stamp to follow’,
    or other writing, is not a booking. Stamps can be purchased either on an unlimited basis or in packs of 4.

  • The stamp should be initialled and dated with the date of the game.

  • Once a court has been booked the stamp cannot be removed. It is not permitted to write ‘court free’ and then write in another slot ‘transferred from....’ You should give the court to someone else and book a new court with another stamp.

  • Block bookings without stamps are only permitted for Team Matches, Tournaments, Junior coaching or Training. In
    the case of Tournaments an entry fee may be charged to pay for trophies.

Squash Guidelines & Etiquette


Only non-marking squash shoes may be worn on court. Trainers or tennis shoes are not permitted as they damage the courts.

Court cleaning

The most common cause of injury is slipping on a dusty floor so it is essential that the courts are brushed regularly. Please do so before your game.


Junior members may play without a stamp but they must give up the court if adult members want to play.

Junior members must wear eye protection as well as non-marking squash shoes.


When playing in a tournament please act as marker for another match.



Team captains will assess player abilities. Their decisions are final.

All team players are expected to mark a match at home and away fixtures.

A team player must act as host to his or her opponent at home matches. This normally includes buying two drinks for the opponent and staying for the meal.

Visitors & Guests

Members may bring the same guest to play on only three occasions in any one year; after three visits, it is expected that the visitor will apply to become a Rackets Member. The same rule applies to Social and Country Members.

Team Squash
Team Squash

West Heaton has two teams playing in the North West Counties Squash Winter League (NWCSL). We also participate in the NWCSL Summer League for those squash players that don’t put their rackets down in the warmer months of the year (though some of us turn the court heaters off). 

Anyone interested in playing please contact Eddie Tasker  (

West Heaton 1 (NWCSL)

Division 3

West Heaton 2 (NWCSL)

Division 5

If you still have squash related questions, please contact a member of the committee

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