West Heaton has a lively, friendly crown green bowls section that enables members of all ages and standards to play socially and competitively. Bowling and rackets members can use the green for social bowling any time that a team match or competition isn’t scheduled.

The green is open from April to October and is floodlit for evening matches if needed.

Weekly Green Use

The green is usually open from April to October. Below is a quick and rough guide to when the green is in use.  Please note that not all teams will have matches this year.

Note: League matches do not take place at home every week and some Sunday social sessions may be deferred if there is a competition at that time. See noticeboard in Bowlers Lounge and calendar in Club Handbook for dates of scheduled matches and tournaments






South Manchester Veterans Div 1

Matches from 1.30pm*

Stockport & District Ladies Div C
Matches from 6.00pm*


Cheadle & Gatley District Men's Div B** or
Stockport & District Men's Div C

Matches from 6.00pm*

Weekly group social bowling session


Cheadle & Gatley District Men's Veterans Div 4
Matches from 1.30pm*

Cheadle & District Ladies Div B
Matches from 6.00pm*


Stockport & District Men's Div C
Matches from 6.00pm*


Workshops Mixed Div B
Matches from 6.00pm**


Internal Bowling Competitions
From 1.00pm*


Weekly group social bowling session 2.00-4.00pm or
Internal Bowling Competitions*from 1.00pm

*Not every week **Not in 2021

Team Bowling

We have Ladies, Men's, Mixed and Veteran teams at West Heaton, as well as internal Club competitions throughout the season.

We are very keen to provide playing opportunities for all ages and abilities. If you are interested in joining a team, please get in touch.

Stockport & District Ladies

Division C

Cheadle & Gatley Men's - not in 2021

Division B

South Manchester Veterans

Division 1

Workshops Mixed League - not in 2021

Division C

Cheadle & District Ladies

Division B

Stockport & District Men's

Division C

Cheadle & Gatley Men's Veterans

Division 5

Social Bowling

All members of the club are welcome to come and enjoy a friendly game of bowls. No matter what standard you are, even if you have never played bowls before, there will be members around to take you on the green and show you how to play.

Group social bowling sessions are held from 2pm to 4pm on Tuesdays and Sundays during the season. Some Sunday sessions will be deferred if there is a competition at that time – see Club Handbook for details.


We'd love you to come down and give it a try. Rackets and bowls members can play without limit, and social members can play up to three times a year. Bowls and equipment can be provided; there are sets of bowls in the cupboard in the Raymond Prior Bowlers Lounge for members to use (labelled “Club Bowls”). 

Bowling Guidelines & Etiquette

All bowling members are required to wear flat-soled shoes which will not damage the green.

  • League rules do not allow open-toed shoes or sandals to be worn by anyone going onto the green during a match.

  • During social sessions members may arrange their own singles or doubles but should remember the West Heaton custom of inviting those waiting to play to join them regardless of bowling standard.


Please see the Bowling Notice Board in the bowlers lounge, or check with the Bowling Committee.

Visitors & Guests

Members may bring the same guest to play on only three occasions in any one year; after three visits, it is expected that the visitor will apply to become a Bowling or Rackets Member. The same rule applies to Social and Country Members.